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18C; it’s about conciliating racial hatred, not persecuting Andrew Bolt Personal reflections Deutschland 2014 "Diary" Stolperstein ("Stumbling Blocks"): For Bruno and Margarethe Danziger Co-invest now to earn export dollars when mining boom ends and aussie dollar drops The 2013 Election... at least 280,000 people put back on the roll Deepening Liberal split over Huawei Some Australian Analysts Doubt UN Resolution on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Libs and Greens torpedo Asylum Seekers compromise Mining Oligarchs bending the ear of the Coalition Ios Teper - St Kilda’s own hero of the ‘Great Patriotic War’, passed: aged 98

Michael Danby

Bob Carr, former Minister for Nothing

Thursday, 17 April 2014 01:34

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Tony Abbott left the make-believe castle of knights and dames to do some serious work in the real world this week, and Bob Carr obligingly stepped in to the fantasy realm to provide the comic relief.

If Abbott indulged himself in a Downunder Downton Abbey of lords and ladies, Carr’s new diary reveals a Don Quixote figure, where the great struggles and heroic deeds take place in his imagination.


Danby Vs Carr on AM and Sky News

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 03:54

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The former foreign minister Bob Carr's book has angered Labor MP Michael Danby, who accuses him of disloyalty. Mr Danby also rejects Mr Carr's view that the pro Israeli lobby had too much power in Julia Gillard's office.

18C; it’s about conciliating racial hatred, not persecuting Andrew Bolt

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:22

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"Total liberty for wolves is death to the lambs" - Isaiah Berlin (20th Century Philosopher)

In 1995, during Paul Keating’s prime ministership, section 18C was introduced into the Racial Discrimination Act. For 11 years under John Howard, this effective protection against hate speech remained untouched. Now, however, Senator Brandis has proposed major changes. The reason for the current government’s change of heart appears to be almost solely as a result of the successful case brought against the government’s most valiant tribune, Mr Andrew Bolt.

Tragic mishandling of MH370: Sad reflection of problems facing Malaysian democratic and legal process

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 23:31

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The smooth transition by Indonesia from the Suharto dictatorship to a functioning democracy is something all observant Australians recognise. Nothing highlights this more than the raucous nature of the Indonesian media. My friend Bambang Harymurti, who is the editor of Tempo and now runs his own TV station, is constantly chasing corrupt politicians, institutions and bureaucrats. Good on him!

Personal reflections Deutschland 2014 "Diary"

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 04:41

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The Greeks may fear and loathe Frankfurt as a crass citadel of German capitalism. Not me. It’s Germany’s aviation and financial hub, but my experience of the city is a more modest one. The Australian style Hotel Adina, just across the Mainz bridge from Max Beckmann’s Städel, which houses Europe’s third largest art collection, has eased me into Germany over the years. My hosts and dear friends Andre Haermeyer, former State Minister, and his wife Tonya Stevens now live here.

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