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An Open letter to Tony Jones

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Dear Tony,

What happens when your popular discussion program, ‘Q and A' and one of the participants elaborates on an out and out falsehood, which then fellow participants are forced to ‘discuss'. This is precisely what happened on the ‘Q and A' of 25th of March. Louise Adler, an angry advocate of the tiny Lowenstein group claimed that Israeli troops had admitted and committed war crimes in Gaza.  Tony, ‘Q and A' and you have serious reputations, but you seemed to go along with her. Thankfully representatives of the major elements in Australian politics, Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Communications and Greg Hunt from the Opposition did not. Adler tried to badger people into accepting her false claim about Israeli soldier crimes, which she recounted,  was  based on a story run in the Israeli daily Ha'aretz.

Now it turns out that  Ha'aretz neither interviewed the soldiers who made these ‘admissions' let alone was able to verify them as true.  Furthermore it emerges that the Ha'aretz story spread all over the world by the Guardian, was in turn was based on an account in an obscure Hebrew publication written by an Israeli officer critical of the war in Gaza.  


A sidebar and some context here.  For years, perhaps wrongly, Israel endured years of  Hamas rocketing of Sedrot's population of 25,000, even after Israel unilaterally and totally withdrew from Gaza.  However when , last December, Hamas introduced military Grad missiles, deliberately given to them by Iran so as to widen the conflict and distract from the Iranian nuclear build up. These missiles range encompassed 900,000 people in the South of Israel, Israel militarily had to stop the rockets coming from Gaza. 95 % of Israelis supported this war of self-defence. Polling in Israel had not recorded higher support for a military response since the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  12-13 hundred Palestinians died in the incursion,  800 + Hamas combatants including policeman and sadly several hundred civilians. As almost the only advocate of the 300,000 Black African Dafurians in the Australian Parliament, I sadly reflected on the lack of coverage given to these poor souls compared to the blanket coverage given to every Palestinian grievance real or imagined.

Now to return to our train of events. Where did this flimsy information on which this crucial international story about Gaza  come from? Apparently IDF soldiers regularly post mortem events that happened during a recent conflict. Sort of Waltzing with Bashir now ,rather than in 20 years time. Ok, so 2 guys lamenting about things they didn't like, that they heard happened during Gaza. The soldiers never witnessed themselves.  No comedy writer could string together these nonsense train of events.

Tony Jones

This whole bullshit story Tony, reminds me of my favourite Passover parable Chad Gadya...' the stick that hit the dog, that bit the cat, that ate the goat' etc, etc. So in Australia ,it is a fact on ‘Q and A' if it is promoted  by an IAJV extremist , based on a Guardian article, based on an unverified Ha'aretz article based on a partisans report of the musings of 2 soldiers, one who later told Israel TV that  he had simply heard a rumour! 

 Louise Adler-the hard face of the Militant Lowenstein group

Wow! Lies have long legs! Tony, this one travelled around the world and ended up on your show. Nothing will alter Adlers embarrassment with her friends in the oh so fashionable left over the Jewish State determination  to survive. Nothing will alter the bias of the Guardian.  Ha'aretz'  poor standard of Journalism is an indictment of its editor David Landau.  The Israeli trainer/officer who recounted and probably leaked the post  confrontation angst now says  ‘ It was as if the media were altogether so eager to find reason to criticize the IDF that they pounced on one discussion by nine soldiers who met after returning from the battlefield to share their experiences and subjective feelings with each other using that one episode to draw conclusions that felt more like an indictment.... The individual accounts never intended to serve as a basis for broad generalizations and summary conclusions by the media'.

 But, what about you Tony? When does a monumental lie like this get examined by and refuted by  your program? What are you going to do about a bit of balance? Tony,  as you know, I'm a fan of ‘Q and A' and ‘Late line' but the taxpayers are waiting for your answer on this one.

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