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Liberal-Greens preference deal is bad for Australia

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For years, the Greens Political Party purported to be above ‘cynical politics’, often decrying the media or Labor for holding them to account. It was as if it wasn’t “fair” to question what their policies were. After all, they are the only political party that has a secret national conference, closed to the media and the outside observer. These days, under Richard Di Natale’s leadership, their new direction is clearly one of extreme pragmatism, as Anthony Albanese outlined in his expose of the Liberal-Greens preference deal on inner city seats on the ABC’s AM program. Clearly, their cosy relationship with the Liberals should concern all voters, such as on the electoral legislation. Unusually, as Labor Senator McAllister pointed out, the Green Party voted ten times in a row to pass these laws.

The image in 2012 of Adam Bandt and Sarah Hanson-Young manoeuvring with Julie Bishop to sink the Malaysia Solution, leaving asylum seekers drowning at sea (at the time, Senator Hanson-Young, whose seat is now in jeopardy ironically, callously absolved herself and the Liberals of responsibility by saying “accidents happen”) and those in detention in limbo (who are stuck in Nauru or Manus Island, rather than in a country like Malaysia, where they would have work rights in a country which is an economically prosperous). Let’s remember, Australia has no serious Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, because the Greens and the Liberals teamed up to vote down Kevin Rudd’s Emissions Trading Scheme. Unlike the Carbon Tax Julia Gillard implemented, Rudd’s plan could not have been repealed by Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt. Fair enough for Andrew Bolt and co who don’t believe in the human induced changes in the climate, but for the majority of people that do the greens short-sighted action is a disaster for Australia’s environment.

Excerpt of Anthony Albanese interviewed by Peter van Onselen on Sky News about the Greens-Libs deal

In more recent times, the Di Natale Greens have voted with the Liberals to cut age pensions by $2.4 billion—disadvantaging tens of thousands of part-pensioners. They have voted to allow the highest net-worth entities exemption from tax transparency laws Labor was spearheading, and most significantly now, the Green Political Party and the conservatives’ deal to cut out minor parties through Senate voting reforms. The Greens Party aims, with the Senate reforms, to help the Greens permanently eliminate competing minor parties, but their extraordinary gamble they are taking will allow the Liberals to grow their Senate representation drastically. That may allow them to ram through their unpopular and unfair agenda through a new Senate, after a Double Dissolution election. It’s quite remarkable that the Greens asked Turnbull to guarantee no election before July – something which was never really on the cards – but allows him to call a Double Dissolution election. If the Liberals win both houses, will the Greens be so sanguine to watch Mr Turnbull pass Tony Abbott’s signature cuts to education, Medicare and penalty rates?

Michael Kroger is thinking of preferencing a party whose policy is to close zoos

Will they be happy to see the $100,000 degrees that they and Labor worked so hard to defeat by popular opinion (and the Senate) Christopher Pine has promised to introduce in a new Liberal-dominated Senate? And will the Liberals be happy, and would it be good for Australia in the long term, in another scenario, for the Greens to hold a balance of power, at the expense of Labor? Remember the Greens have opposed every piece of national security legislation in this Parliament no matter what the threat? Would they rather negotiate with Scott Ludlam and Lee Rhiannon, who constantly decry the Australia-US alliance, than Mark Dreyfus and Anthony Byrne, who have spearheaded Labor’s sensible middle-of-the-road approach to national security legislation combing with privacy protection? De Natale and the hapless Turnbull may get, of his own making, the kind of Opposition on National Security the UK Tories are getting from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party instead. Is that what the conservatives or Michael Kroger really think is good for Australia?

Ex- Stalinist Party of Australia official and now Greens Party Senator, Lee Rhiannon has been compared to the wife of ex Romanian dictator, Elena Ceausescu

The constant Green Party-Liberal deal makes more sense when you consider that Victorian Liberal President Michael Kroger is exploring a preference deal with Senator Di Natale, which could help the Greens win Wills & Batman from sensible Labor moderates (and may extend to Sydney and Grayndler in NSW); and probably the Liberals in Chisholm and Bruce. This cynical politicking from two parties who once were ideological enemies. Mr Kroger, in 2013, went on Sky News to condemn a rumour that the Liberals might do a preference deal with the Greens. Three years later, he’s spearheading one. These deals will end badly for the Greens and for the Liberals. Their bases will revolt when they realise who they’re in bed with. Labor must continue to stand up for what it believes in, even if we’re caught in the middle of the new Greens-Liberal alliance. We must stand with comment sense, middle Australia. It’s what the majority of sensible, moderate Australians need.

Danby’s famous confrontation with Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon about her Soviet past, which attracted over 25,000 views

Deals done between the Liberals and The Greens Party

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